General Dentistry

At the Dental at Orthodontic Centre, we aim to provide you with all your routine dental care, while also providing specialist services such as implants, crown & bridge, and aesthetic bonding.

Bleaching | Whitening

Using our custom-made trays, which fit comfortably in your mouth, you can achieve a brighter and younger smile in a matter of weeks from the comfort of your own home.

The process is quick and simple, involving a check-up, cleaning to remove surface stains, a quick scan of your teeth and the use of EU approved safe bleaching gels, which are not available over the counter.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a very common condition affecting over 70% of the population.

Common signs of gum disease are swelling and bleeding on brushing, and receding gums. It can, however, be symptomless and progress without you knowing.

Regular check-ups and gum examinations are essential to keep your mouth healthy. If left untreated, patients can experience tooth loss and could require more complex and expensive procedures.

Prevention is the key, with regular dental and hygienist visits.

Children's Dentistry

Our practice is family orientated and we welcome children from an early age.  This is because we believe that prevention is the best way of maintaining a healthy mouth for life.

Introducing your child to the dentist while young removes the fear factor and allows us to diagnose and treat before pain becomes an issue.  The dentist or hygienist can also advise on diet and oral care especially if the child seems to be susceptible to dental disease.

We also use fissure sealants and fluoride to help in the prevention of tooth decay.


Dental hygienists are specially trained to treat gum disease by scaling and polishing teeth and instructing you in proper oral hygiene techniques.  They also have a role in prevention of dental decay and will give advice on diet and good home care.  The hygienist can also work with children to apply fissure sealants and fluoride.

TMJ & Grinding

MJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorders refer to signs and symptoms that patients may experience in their head and neck areas.  The symptoms can include headache, earache and pain in the face or neck.  Patients often have clicks in their jaw joints and may find that their jaw locks or catches when they open or close.  They may experience pain or discomfort on chewing.

What causes TMJ Disorders?
The causes can be multifactorial and are not always totally clear.  Contributing factors include trauma to the jaws, tooth clenching and arthritis.  Some experts say that whiplash or jawlash may be a cause but the scientific evidence is not definite.

How are TMJ problems treated?
The main aims of treatment are to control the pain/discomfort and restore movement in the jaws.  Sometimes signs/symptoms may come and go and not require any treatment.  An occlusal splint is a hard plastic appliance which is made to fit over the teeth and this is frequently used to ease the pressure on the joints and muscles.

Fresh Breath

Bad breath or halitosis is embarrassing and can have social and psychological implications.  It can have many causes but contrary to popular belief it is mainly due to mouth problems.  If you are concerned about your breath please talk to us in confidence.

What causes bad breath?
The main cause of bad breath is oral bacteria that produce volatile sulphur compounds from proteins in the mouth.  Dental problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, dry mouth can cause bad breath as they harbour bacteria in the mouth.

The back of the tongue is a very common place to collect bacteria as it is usually not cleaned like other parts of the mouth.

Certain foods such as onions, garlic and spices as well as alcohol and smoking contribute to bad breath.

Can bad breath be treated?
First your dentist needs to identify the cause(s).  If the contributing factors are oral they can generally be treated by routine dental treatment.  The dentist or hygienist will then instruct and advise you on how to maintain a fresh breath.  This might include the use of products which help mask odours or antibacterials to fight infection.

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